LocalStreets is a leading online international flower delivery company that sends flowers to any region in the world. To browse for flowers to send to a country not in our main list of countries, you may change the location to "Z-Other Country" or click "Other Country" at the bottom of each page for international flower delivery to 100's of international locations. From there you may choose to view flowers South Africa, Bahamas flowers Bahamas florist, Venezuela flowers, send flowers Colombia, and flowers Romania, among others. If upon looking through the list of countries, you do not find your desired delivery destination, please click on "Other City", rest assured we are also able to serve a large number of countries not listed.

South America

You can look at flowers that can be delivered to South America. We send to South American countries - flowers Peru, Ecuador flowers; sending flowers to these countries is very popular. Flowers that we deliver to other S. American locations can be viewed also by looking under "Other Country", including: Bolivia flowers, Guyana flowers, Suriname flowers, Paraguay flowers, and flowers Uruguay florist.

Central American

We also send flowers to Central American countries. Aside from Mexico, which is part of our main countries list, you will find many Central American nations when you look in "Other Country". You may click the following link to see flowers from our Antigua florist, or here to look at Jamaica flowers. Also consider us if you are sending to Barbados flowers, Honduras flowers, and Dominican Republic flowers. Through our florists in the Americas, we can deliver our flowers to many Central American countries such as flowers Belize, Costa Rica flowers, Cuba flowers, and Dominca flowers. In our "Other Country" list we also have El Salvador flowers, Guatemala flowers, Haiti flowers, Grenada flowers, Nicaragua flowers, florist Panama, Saint Kitts (St Kitts) and Nevis flowers, Saint Lucia (St Lucia) flowers, Trinidad and Tobago flowers, and Saint Vincent (St Vincent) and the Grenadines flowers. At present, we already send many flower orders to Central America and receive positive feedback for many of them. We guarantee that you will find our service more than satisfactory.


Our list of countries in Europe that we send flowers to is huge. Among the many European countries to which you may deliver flowers through us are Bosnia flowers, florist Belarus, Bulgaria florist. Send flowers to Hungary, as well as a whole list of European nations. If you are considering sending flowers to a European country, look no further, click on the relevant country name to pick flowers you would like to send through our European florists: Andorra flowers, Estonia flowers, Croatia flowers, Latvia flower delivery, flowers to Lithuania, flowers Slovakia, Liechtenstein flowers, flowers Moldova, Macedonia flowers, flowers Monaco, flowers Malta, flowers Slovenia, Gibraltar flowers, San Marino florist, flowers Vatican City florist, Cyprus flowers, Albania flowers, and also Serbia and Montenegro flowers. Speed and reliability can be assured for delivery to European locations because we have a number of Top Florists in the region. Be assured that you will get one of the best quality services and some of the lowest prices for flower delivery to European locations available on the World Wide Web through using our website to send flowers to Europe. With flower delivery to more than 40 European nations, you cannot find a better alternative online to send flowers to Europe.


We have flower delivery to Oceanian locations including Australia and New Zealand in our main country list, and Fiji flowers, Samoa flowers, etcetera, in our "Other Country" list. On our website, you may also look for and browse the flowers we deliver to countries in Oceania. For example, you may wish to browse our Solomon Islands flowers, Micronesia flowers, and Papua New Guinea flowers; also look at other countries that we offer flower delivery to in Oceania: Kiribati flowers Kiribati florist, Vanuatu flowers Vanuatu florist, Nauru flowers Nauru florist, Palau flowers, Marshall Islands flowers, Tonga flowers, and Tuvalu flowers.

South and Southeast Asia

As you may find in our main countries list, we deliver flowrs to many South and Southeast Asian countries. From South Asia, you will find India within the main countries list; check out our flowers to other South Asian nations like our flowers Bangladesh, flowers Macau, Nepal flowers, Maldives flowers, and Bhutan flowers. You may also like to send flowers to Pakistan or send flowers to Sri Lanka, we provide our flowers at prices that are very low by the standards of the World Wide Web. From "Other Country", you will find flowers that you may send to South East Asia by clicking on the respective nation: Brunei flowers, flowers Cambodia and East Timor flowers are some of these. We also have Laos flowers, Myanmar flowers and you may send flowers to Vietnam.

Central and East Asia

Please feel free to take a look at our flowers we have available to send to the Central and East Asian regions. Inside "Other Country", you may choose among many Asian nations and view our flowers to Central and East Asian countries. Send flowers through LocalStreets to flowers Mongolia, Turkmenistan flowers, Tajikistan flowers, and Kyrgyzstan flowers. For other countries in the region in our "Other Country" list, we also have North Korea florist North Korea flowers, Georgia flowers, Azerbaijan flowers, Armenia flowers, and Kazakhstan flowers.

Middle East

We deliver flowers to many Middle Eastern countries so if you are thinking of sending flowers to United Arab Emirates, flowers to Bahrain, flowers to Kuwait, flowers to Iran, Afghanistan flowers, or flowers to Qatar, you may find those flowers on our website by finding the country in "Other Country". You will also find many other Middle Eastern countries in our country list, and by clicking on their respective names, you may view the flowers available for delivery to that country. You will be able to browse our Egypt flowers, Iraq flowers, Jordan flowers, Lebanon flowers, Oman flowers, Saudi Arabia flowers, Sudan flowers, Syria flowers, Tunisia flowers, and Yemen flowers.

West Africa

We provide full online flower services catering to every parts of the world including big countries such as Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali. The services includes mainly orders of flowers sending to different areas of Africa. Furthermore, speedy flower delivery services are also part of our service. We provide delivery to recipients on the day the order is taken. Places which are far away from the Central of Africa can also be reached by our florists. Like flower delivery to Senegal, flower delivery to Equatorial Guinea, flower delivery to Sierra Leone, flower delivery to Burkina Faso and flower to Ghana. By ordering flowers from us will not only save up your ordering and delivery time but also brightens up your recipient's day. Sending flower to Benin and flower to Nigeria will be as easy as ABC.

East Africa

LocalStreets is delighted to offer one of the best online flower delivery service to areas in East Africa. Our Kenya flowers are very attractive and are sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face. Our Lesotho flowers, Malawi flowers, and Mauritius flowers are also quite popular. The other East African countries that we provide our services to are many, we send flowers to Mozambique, flowers to Namibia, flowers to Seychelles, and flowers to Swaziland. Also try our Tanzania flower delivery, Zambia flower delivery, and Zimbabwe flower delivery.

We apologise if we have left out your country from our list and if you feel it is justifiable to have your country, please contact us. Below are the countries that we have failed to mentioned above that you will also find in "Other Country", as listed in their respective regions.


Due to the extremely long list of African countries, we are unable to list all of them above. The following are some of the countries we send flowers to in and around Africa: Algeria | Angola | Botswana | Burundi | Cameroon | Cape Verde | Central African Republic | Chad | Comoros | Congo(Brazzaville) | Côte d'Ivoire | Djibouti | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Gabon | Gambia | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau | Liberia | Libya | Madagascar | Niger | Rwanda | Sao Tome and Principe | Somalia | Togo | Uganda.